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It’s no secret that breast enlargement is one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries to date. While many women report that having bigger breasts makes them more body confident and therefore happier, the use of implants for reconstruction purposes has more than improved the lives of women across the world. So, what happens when you want bigger breasts, but are too scared to go under the knife? Well, this is the website to find out if cosmetic procedures are for you.

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New Technologies

If you want a quick way to temporarily increase your breast size, you might want to consider having saline breast injections. Saline is simply a salt water solution that expands the size of your breasts for around 24 hours with a solution- before it is absorbed back into the body. Originally used by cosmetic surgeons to give patients an idea of the results that they could expect from the breast enlargement procedure, many surgeries have found that more and more women are requesting the injections so that they can look good for special parties and events.


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What Results Can You Get?

As with any medical procedure, injecting saline into the breast for cosmetic purposes does pose some risks if it isn’t done by a professional, but under the right circumstances can be deemed as risk-free. The procedure can stretch the skin around the breast and, as with any injection, may play host to infection. As far as the costs and risks involved with breast augmentation surgery in comparison, saline breast injections are a quicker, cheaper and safer way to temporarily get the look that you want.

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Less Invasive Alternatives

When you are considering less invasive alternatives to breast augmentation surgery, such as saline injections, you may want to bear other procedures in mind. Fat grafting (which is done via injections, too) is a more natural way to enhance the size of your breasts; it won’t achieve a huge result, but can be beneficial if you are looking for lift and firmness over size. Fat injections are often used by cosmetic surgeons to help with breast reconstruction more than for cosmetic purposes. Fat grafting procedures generally take around four to seven hours for one round of augmentation, and this will increase breast size by around a half to one cup size.

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